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When we catch sight of the kitchen in our much-loved restaurant, it’s easy to understand wanting to uphold as much control over the environment as possible. Commercial kitchen ventilation is a major element of restaurant function because it assists not only the kitchen but the eating room and other areas as well.

Controlling odors

Food and food preparation create smells that can’t be avoided in a commercial kitchen, but a properly arranged aeration system can keep those odors from seeping into the dining room, bar, or other areas where they could be disagreeable to customers can be difficult. Installing chimney fans for commercial kitchens to produce a negative compression in the kitchen will help keep those smells out of the customer areas.

Controlling kitchen temperatures and air quality

Kitchens can be a very uncomfortable environments for the people working in them. Preparing and cooking food produces smoke, haze, airborne particles, and odors that can irritate eyes and skin or cause respiratory troubles. Installing chimney fans for commercial kitchens will efficiently eliminate the irritants in the air while helping to control temperature throughout the kitchen area.

Restaurants, commercial kitchens, bars, pubs, and the like usually place high extraction demands in order to maintain a healthy work environment.

Utilization of wood-burning or gas units causes the temperature to surpass 60°C very quickly, which is generally the maximum temperature for a traditional ventilation system.

In these instances, an exodraft solution is warranted. Based on which model is issued, it can withstand a maximum of 500°C and discharge thousands of cubic meters of air each hour in an efficient and safe way.

High-fat content – simple and quick to sanitizekitchen illustration

In kitchen settings where frying and grilling are commonplace, deposits of grease can sometimes gather in the ventilation systems, among other places. 

To accomplish satisfactory sanitary conditions, regular cleaning is necessary, which may be disruptive and resource-demanding in the day-to-day operation of the kitchen.

A chimney fire can happen if a chimney is not regularly cleaned. This can be devastating because the fire can spread along the length of the chimney, possibly even leading to the destruction of the kitchen. Regular chimney cleaning is essential for the safe and responsible operation of the chimney.

Without effective chimney fans for commercial kitchens, cooking fat and smoke cause grit and grime build-upon nearly every area these emissions come into contact with, which can cost you a lot of money in cleaning, preservation, and repairing damage to your commercial kitchen.

If these areas aren’t cleaned consistently, accumulation of grease will build up and can result in a fire hazard, neighborhood odor pollution, and rooftop surface soiling. In approximately one out of three eateries, fires are caused by grease and that is why, if you are going to have quality chimney fans for commercial kitchens, the exodraft GSV chimney fan is there to help you out with this problem.

With exodraft’s unique grease chimney fans, you can bypass these problems. The GSV exodraft chimney fan is developed so that the grease within the flue gas is left on the support plate of the chimney fan. This grease will then travel into a specialized canister that can be purged as necessary in an easy and safe method.

Ongoing chimney cleaning is required, but the GSV has been developed so that it can be accessed and sanitized with ease.

  1. Chimney fan
  2. Isolation switch
  3. Control
  4. GCB (Grease Collection Box)
In restaurants and commercial kitchens it is an advantage to have a chimney fan installed

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